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This thought process allows you to adjust projections for sales and inventory, manage your human capital, and address any cash flow issues.

Forward thinking also adds value to your position as a CFO

So why should you care? You aren’t responsible for the financial results of the Merrell Womens Duskair Maui Chukka Fashion Sneaker Canteen store cheap price free shipping affordable IyV86TGQK7
, just reporting the numbers, right?

Not if you want to stay relevant (and employed). We’ve seen automation take the place of humans in factories for years. But what you might not realize is that automation is quickly coming (and in some cases, is already here) to the ICONIC EXCLUSIVE Giovanna Ankle Boots free shipping best place Gh7htN
world as well. In the not-too-distant future, look for smart accounting systems that can capture financial information and produce financial statements with the push of a button. Not good for you if all you’re doing is cranking out financial reports…

Here’s what we’re seeing about how automation is affecting the workplace.

Certain roles, such as bookkeeping and accounting , are becoming automated jobs. It’s expected that these services are delivered accurately and on demand, something computers are great at. The work can either be cognitive or manual.

Non-routine jobs are those that cannot be automated. They either require skills that can’t (at least for now) be accomplished by technology or take a great deal of skill, talent and independent thinking. Again, the work can be either cognitive or manual in nature.

A CEO has to make a decision about whether to continue paying a bookkeeper or to onboard a new accounting system to automate financials. The bookkeeper has made several mistakes over the past couple of months that could have severely impacted projections if not caught early. The new accounting system automates every invoice and payment before a single person can touch the invoice. This position is routine because you can easily replace it with an automated system while still ensuring the accuracy and efficiency for a lower cost.

A chief of staff in a hospital is facing a decision about whether or not to automate neurosurgery. If the chief of staff decides to automate the role of a neurosurgeon, she risks losing customizability and efficiency as a robot cannot see every cell of a cancerous tumor. Sure, a neurosurgeon is human and will make mistakes. But a neurosurgeon has approximately 8 years of school with 4 more years of training and probably have 5-15 years under their belt. In this case, the neurosurgeon’s skill and ability to adapt to conditions on the ground is what makes them valuable and their job difficult to fully automate.

So what should you do if you find yourself in a routine role? You should assist in automating those tasks that you can. Then, shift over to non-routine tasks such as analysis and problem-solving. Adding value in this way will ensure that you stay relevant despite advances in technology.


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Localization makes a huge huge difference. For iOS, universal apps do well for ASO. Why? Ratings and reviews come from both iPhone and iPad, and I think they are counted together for the separate iPhone and iPad charts.


Thanks for the comment Mark. You’re right, localization does make a very big difference, it can really broaden the audience you are able to attract and while most large apps target English markets, the competition in other markets is not as significant.


Robi, Thanks this was super useful. We’re just about to launch our first native app so very timely. One question – when you’re talking about localisation with Mark Johnson, are you referring to whether it is available to download in one vs multiple countries or can be used in one vs multiple countries? So for example a travel app for let’s say London can be downloaded everywhere but I guess only used properly in London.


Thanks for this great article! Quick question, for an app designed for both stores, iPhone and iPad, with the same app ID, if you send traffic on both devices, it counts together on both stores for the ranking? For example, if you have a number of iPad devices installing the app designed for iphone and ipad, does it count for the iPhone ranking as well or only the iPad one? Thanks for your answer


I think one of the important points to understand also is that reviews have a freshness period…. also in the same way with downloads. So in theory an app that has a healthy grow can outrank an old app with tons of downloads and a tons of reviews… is not about the number is also about the freshness and relevance . Good article.

Headaches are, very rarely, a sign of a serious or sinister underlying condition, and most headaches go away by themselves.

If you have a headache which is unusual for you then you should discuss it with your doctor. You should also talk to your doctor about headaches which are particularly severe or that stop your regular activities, those which are associated with other symptoms like weakness or tingling, and those which make your scalp sore (especially if you are over 50 years of age). Finally, always talk to your doctor if you have an unremitting morning headache which is present for more than three days or is getting gradually worse.

Remember that headaches are less likely to occur in those who:

Anything that you can do to improve any of these areas of your life will improve your health and well-being and reduce the number of headaches you experience.

Next page:

Tension Headache

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Did you find this information useful?

Thanks for your feedback!

Further reading and references

; British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH) Guidelines, (2010 - reviewed 2014)

; European Federation of Neurological Societies (August 2009)

; European Federation of Neurological Societies (2010)

; NICE CKS, May 2013 (UK access only)

; NICE CKS, November 2012 (UK access only)

; Hemicrania continua: clinical review, diagnosis and management. J Pain Res. 2017 Jun 2910:1493-1509. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S128472. eCollection 2017.

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Hello! I'm a 16 year old female who is having weird issues with my head. For the past 4 weeks now I have been getting sharp headaches in the same exact spot in my head. Its on the left side towards...

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11 December 2017

Anchor 1 : What the Text Says

Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.

Anchor 5 : Text Structure

Analyze the structure of texts, including how specific sentences, paragraphs, and larger portions of the text (e.g., a section, chapter, scene, or stanza) relate to each other and the whole.


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By Gale, Cengage Learning, adapted by Newsela staff
Word Count 1260

A percentage is a fraction with a denominator of 100. It can be expressed using the term itself, such as 25 percent, or using the % symbol, as in 25%.The calculation of various kinds of rates by way of percentages is the backbone of a wide range of mathematical applications.

Fundamental Mathematical Concepts And Terms

Percentages are related to three other familiar concepts: fractions, ratios and proportions. A fraction is a number expressed as one whole number divided by another. For example, one half can be expressed as ½.

A ratio is the relationship between two similar magnitudes. For example, in 2005 the relationship between the population of Canada, estimated at 31 million people, and that of the United States, measured at approximately 310 million people, was a ratio of 1 to 10.

Ratios are expressed using one of three forms: use of the word "to,"use of a colon oruse of a fraction. So the same ratio, say 8 to 5,can be expressed as 8:5 or ⁸⁄₅.

A proportion is a pair of ratios expressed as a mathematical equation. For example, if in a city of 100,000 residents, 1,000 people had red hair, the proportion of the population with red hair will be expressed as 1,000/100,000, or 1/100. The equation 1,000/100,000 = 1/100 is a proportion.

All percentages are an expression of a relationship based on 100, and every fraction, ratio and proportion may be expressed as a percentage. Percentages may also be expressed where decimals are required, as in the figure 66.92%.

An important application of the concepts concerning percentages is that of percentiles. A range of data can be divided into 99 points to make 100 groups of equal size within the range, and each point is called a percentile. For example, students in a class or across a larger population are given percentile rankings on a national test, which is a way of comparing the students to one another.

How To Express Percentages

A percentage is a fraction with a denominator of 100, and it can be expressed in any of the following ways: 38 percent, 38%, 38/100 or 0.38 in decimal form.

To convert a decimal to a percentage, move the decimal point two places to the right and add a % sign. For example, the decimal 0.09 equals 9%.

To convert a percentage to a fraction, remember that x% will always mean x/100. For example, 40% is the same as ⁴⁰⁄₁₀₀, and the simplest form is ⁴⁄₁₀, or ⅖.

To convert a fraction to a percentage, find the decimal equivalent of the fraction and convert the decimal to a percentage as described above. For example, ¾ = .75 = 75%.

One common calculation is finding the percentage of a total quantity. Let's say 15% of a shipment of 350 books is said to be damaged by water. You can find the actual number of damaged books in the shipment by multiplying the total number of books (350) by 15% (or 0.15), which gives you 52.5.

A Brief History Of Discovery And Development

In Latin, "per" means "by," and "cent" means "one hundred." The use of multiples of 10 as the basis for arithmetic first gained acceptance in Greece in approximately 400 B.C.However, it is hard to say exactly when the notion of percentages was created, since division by 100 has occurred throughout history.

Decimals were developed as an effective way to easily distinguish between fractions with different denominators.For example, the difference between the fractions⁴⁄₁₃and⁵⁄₁₇might be hardto see. However, the corresponding decimals for each, 0.307 and 0.294, are much easier to compare. The same applies when comparing percentages. The decimal point became standard throughout the European scientific community in the early 1600s, simplifying numerical calculations.

Society is now so accustomed to percentages being used in politics or business to support a particular viewpoint. However, percentages can often convey a shallow or misleading sense of certainty. Broad statements made in the media by business leaders, government officials and others speaking on public issues often use percentages. For example, "The economy will grow by 2% this year" has a certain ring of authority, yet the figure itself is less important thanhow the percentage was actually calculated.

Real-Life Applications

Percentages are calculated in many real-life situations. The understanding and proper applications of various percentage calculations are critical to daily living.

• In education, the ranking of students will often be determined by their grades, usually expressed as a percentage, as well as by their percentile.

• In science, especially in fields like chemistry or medicine, it is essential to be able to calculate how much of a particular substance is in a mixture or solution.

• In the food industry, percentages are used to determine the relative amount of the contents of food and beverage products, like the amount of fat or vitamins.

• In retail, pricing increases and sales discounts are almost always expressed as a percentage, which can be easier to understand than unfamiliar fractions.

• In weather forecasts, the possibility of certain changes in the weather is expressed as a percentage, like a 20% possibility of rain.

• In sports, percentages are used to make comparisons in all types of competition, like shooting percentage in basketball or a baseball player's batting average.

• For voting patterns and election results, percentages are used to take the large numbers of persons who may vote in an election and reduce the figures to a result that is easier to understand.

The 1% Method

This method of calculation is often useful for quickly determining small percentages. Determine 1% of the given number, and then calculate the value of the desired percent.

To calculate 3% of 1,800, first take 1% of 1,800, which is 18, then multiply that by 3 to get 54, or 3%.

Finding The Rate Percent

Rate is the comparison between two numbers expressed as a ratio, written as a common fraction. For example, to express what percent of 20 is 8, one can use the rate 8/20, carry out the division to get 0.40and multiply by 100 to get 40%.

Percentage Change: Increase Or Decrease

Whenever a problem is expressed by words such as "is 15% more than" or "is 60% less than" or "has increased by 180%" or "has decreased by 38%," the problem requires a calculation of the percentage change.For example, if 44 increases by 25%, the new number will be 44 + 25% of 44. Since 25% of 44 is equal to 11, the result of 44 + 25% is 55.

Finding The Rate Of Increase Or Decrease

The rate of change may be expressed as the following equation: rate of change = amount of change / original number. For example, if 40 increases to 46, rate of change = (46 − 40)/40 = 6/40 = 0.15 = 15%.

Finding The Original Amount

If the quantity after the change is known, the original quantity may be found. For example, 96 is 60% more than what number? In this example, 96 is the number after the increase.

If the original number is x, then x + 60% of x = x + 0.6x = 96.In other words, 1.6x = 96. To find x, divide both sides of this equation by 1.6 to get x = 96/1.6 = 60.

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