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  • Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch
  • Knit and leather upper
  • genuine leather sock linings
  • cushioned latex footed
  • lightweight EVA outsole
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If you lack invisibility, you can also dig all around the shopkeeper. Shopkeepers won't move into pits and you can thus freely attack them at range. Note that this requires a container to smuggle a pick-axe inside the shop, or bouncing a spell off a wall from outside the shop, since the shopkeeper will try to keep out of direct zapping range. (As an aside, shops sometimes do sell pick-axes and dwarvish mattocks. They are handled just like every other item, except that you cannot carry one into the shop outside a bag, you get a message when un-bagging it, and the shopkeeper will catch any ones you throw in.)

Also, using a scroll of stinking cloud can be very effective, if you can have the cloud cover most if not all of the store, and close the door to prevent retaliation. Note that cursed scrolls may not do enough damage to kill the shopkeeper. Again, the shopkeeper will stand still as long as he can't see you. Beware healing potions unblinding him.

An easy way to kill shopkeepers is to zap them with a wand of polymorph . Often they will polymorph into a weak creature that is unable to zap wands against you. However, they can also polymorph into something that is much, much tougher than a shopkeeper, so keep that in mind. Be aware that due to their intrinsic they will resist roughly 50% of the time. Also, a shopkeeper will never respect Elbereth , even while polymorphed into something that normally would. Note that should you kill a polymorphed shopkeeper, no insult to your deity will occur thus it is the preferred method for Lawful characters.

Shopkeepers are quite vulnerable to death rays , although be aware they can still occasionally miss. If you find a base-cost 500 wand in a shop, it is either a free shipping cheap quality adidas Stella McCartney Womens Atani Bounce White/Mint B25133 White cheap 2015 sale brand new unisex nfI4HPuKO
or a wand of wishing . A wand of wishing can be used to for a wand of death, so either provides a means to kill the shopkeeper. (Of course, you should always for charging first if needed, or a marker if you have identified the scroll, regardless of whether you need a wand of death.)

The shopkeeper will greet you, and has a high tendency to chat with you.

<Hello> is either Hello or Greetings . Knights are greeted instead with Salutations , FAAERD Avocado Pattern Mens Breathable Mesh Running Shoes Air Cushion Casual Walking Sports Outdoor Sneakers under online cheap 2015 Fwfo7Sx
with Irasshaimase , Tourists with Aloha , and Valkyries with Velkommen . [6]

For unprepared characters, it is often best to appease an angry shopkeeper than try to fight. The following messages can give a clue as to the problem:

Messages will appear if you or # while you are inside a shop, or while you are on the same level as an angry shopkeeper. Substitute the name of your shopkeeper for Shkname .

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Easily collaborate with customers and internal team members across the company for the most timely and accurate sales proposals.

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Create and Send Proposals With a Single Click

Creating and sending documents is easier when you’re not starting from scratch. Octiv offers sales operations professionals and content managers alike the ability to set up reusable templates to increase productivity, create consistency and improve accuracy. In just minutes, quickly select a template and customize before sending out for review.

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Quickly Integrate Data

Build the most tailored, customized proposals by dynamically assembling the document based on the customer’s industry, deal size, region, etc. Just leverage data from forms or your CRM to automatically populate values into your document.

Easily Collaborate Across Teams

No more print-outs, sticky notes or red pen. Now you can collaborate digitally with internal team members across the company or send to the customer for review. All changes are made in real-time so everyone is always on the same page.

Deliver Professional Proposals

Create a positive first impression with a proposal that’s professional, personalized and easy-to use. Enable recipients to negotiate, approve, complete tasks or sign electronically, all within the Octiv platform.

Improve Document Access

It’s just as easy to create proposals digitally as it is for your customers to review them. Share proposals straight from your desktop, mobile or CRM so customers can review and electronically sign on any device, from anywhere.

Increase Document Insights

Improve proposal follow-up with triggered alerts sent right to your phone or inbox that notify you when your proposal is being viewed. That way, you can follow-up earlier and more often instead of waiting weeks to move forward.

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Use Octiv to build, collaborate and send compelling proposals that engage your prospects and customers from the start.

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