Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44

Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44
  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Premium full grain and handstained leather uppers.
  • Leather lined upper and foot bed for comfort .
  • Grand O.S. comfort technology.
  • Rubber midsole and rubber outsole for traction and durability.
Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44 Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44 Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44 Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44 Cole Haan Men's Grandpro Spectator Lace Ox Sneaker Navy Handstain browse cheap price h2cmMM44
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The Box

For many agencies, including the CIA and NSA, another step in the clearance process is the polygraph, the lie detector. The federal government polygraphs about 70,000 people a year in connection with security clearances.

What portion of the polygraph process that isn’t shrouded in movie drama is classified, but the basics are simple; even TV’s Mythbusters show looked into it. The process is based on the belief that when one fibs one’s body involuntarily expresses stress in the form of higher blood pressure, changes in pulse, breathing and perspiration rate. Those things can be precisely monitored. Did you ever steal anything? No? That’s a lie– see here, your heart rate went up 15 percent when you answered.

The reality is much more complex. Though I have never been polygraphed, I have spoken with many government employees who have been. Here’s what they had to say.

The whole polygraph experience is set up as a mind game . Subjects can be kept waiting a long time, or left in a too-cold or too-hot room, and interviews can be scheduled and then canceled to create stress. A planted staffer in the waiting room can tell the applicant they are being watched, even make a comment such as “You shouldn’t read that kind of magazine while waiting, they judge that too.” There may be mirrors, real or imagined two-way viewing panels. This is referred to as the pre-test. It sets the stage.

Some say that the presence of the polygraph machine itself may be mostly for show, and the real nuts and bolts of the process are actually just clever manipulation and interrogation techniques as old as dirt. An awful lot of information obtained via a polygraph has nothing to do with the needles and dials per se, but the applicant’s fear of them and belief that they “work.” Polygraphers are allowed considerable freedom in style, and some get more into role-playing than others.

That said, most polygraphers will first establish baseline readings with irrelevant questions– “Is your name John?” Yes. “Is your name Micheal?” No. He will try and put the subject at ease, asking softball questions such as “Do you plan to tell the truth today?” Nobody can answer no honestly (it is believed) and this helps create a trusting atmosphere where the polygrapher assures the subject that everyone has told little lies and his job is to sort those out from the “big” ones. The polygrapher will also likely point out things on the charts or “explain” the details of his work; the goal is to plant the idea in the subject’s head that the machine is an accurate way to detect lies. This sets up the next phase.

The polygrapher will have reviewed the background investigation results and slowly move into the meat of the interview, asking both broad questions– “Do you have a drinking problem?” and specific ones– “Then why did you have this DUI in March 2003?” Many times the got ya’ question, including a why or when or who, is really a way to play off the applicant’s fear and get her to talk. Look at the sequence above. It is unlikely that someone will admit to a drinking problem, yet the next query is about an actual DUI. The applicant’s natural inclination will be to explain, to talk about the DUI, all the time knowing her answer is being run through a “lie detector.” Often the applicant will self-incriminate.

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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Wrong Way Round!
I still have some of those Wrong Way Rolling Stone blocks at the cabin, and I think another mini for the stair well at Quiltville Inn will be forthcoming out of those.
These Rolling Stone blocks were also an Addicted to Scraps Column feature - love them both ways.
The thing I’m most tickled about is that Henry’s quilt has H’s in it – and we didn’t know at the time if he was going to be a he – or what his name would be.
H is for HENRY!
And that Mercedes rental car upgrade was awful sweet too.
I’m feeling particularly sentimental these days knowing that another family reunion was going on over the 4th – and I wasn’t able to be there. But I did get to do video calls with everyone the other night – my sister Mary called me via Facebook video call, and passed her phone around to everyone. It was not quite as good as being there, but fun still the same.
I love the illusion of circles!
This quilt pattern should be hitting your mailboxes and news stands soon. Be watching for it!
Table arranging.
Lisa and I had the last minute job on our way out of town to set up sewing stations in the Quilting Quarters at the Inn.
Each Quiltville Retreater gets a 4 foot table space, and we found it made better space, and ease of getting in and out to push 4 tables together in front of the bay window…leaving more access room on the sides.
The other 4 tables are in pairs, with seating in opposite directions so no one’s chairs back into anyone else. Quilting logistics, you know?
We did mirror image on the second side!
Next up – CHAIRS!
I’m still not completely set on what chairs I want to bring in, they must be comfy for “most” sizes and shapes. Of course, if folks have a favorite chair they are more than welcome to bring their own as there is no way to please everyone 100% of the time.
Now that tables are set up, our electrician can get to work on installing floor plugs to minimize cord tripping.
Dining room chairs in assembly mode.
The rug came WITH the house. I don’t know how old it is – it’s huge. It suits this room, but needs a good cleaning. It’s wool.
Am I safe to rent a rug doctor to deal with getting this rug clean? There are some stains I’d like to see gone, and it needs a freshening up.
Remember that we are VERY VERY rural, and there is no Stanley Steamer in these parts.
There will be two dining tables each sitting 8, for a total of 16 in here as well. And if folks want to spread out, they can bring their machines in here if they need room to sew big things.
Yesterday afternoon evening.
And today, tomorrow, and Monday and beyond!
The reason I cut my 4th of July holiday a bit short is to get these out. Not as a sacrifice for those who ordered, but for ME – because I want them done and on their way before I leave for Michigan on the 12th. And then – we’ll start round 2 of this whirlwind!
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and Quilty Pencil Set packages are arriving at their destinations and I am so happy that you are loving them!
This morning on the porch. Click to play:
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Vintage quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter!
Feelings aren't facts, and they can play tricks on you. Be willing to dig deeper, to find reasons, to do some research on your own.
We can't help what we feel, but knowing some answers helps put things in perspective.
Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!
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10:11 AM EDT

FaceTime videos are fun. The only way I got to see my Grandson in Ohio last Christmas. My book and pencils are taking an extra week to get here. P. O. confusion. The holiday in the middle of the week didn't help. Oh well, I am stitching as fast as I can. It keeps me sane, lol


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